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January 15, 2003


MSC Mayhem:  On Friday, January 10th, my employment was terminated at MSC.  It was a big mystery as to how this could have happened since my transfer papers were approved, signed and sent down to Human Resources last Wednesday.  When I say 'approved', I mean the Executive VP of Sales was backing me up.  There are only two other people in the entire company that could override that decision - one of them being the CEO and Chairman of MSC.Software.  While the EVP was conveniently in France, the Sr. Director of Human Resources marched my paperwork up to the CEO and the decision was overridden to transfer me.  I know, some of you are saying, "Why would the CEO of a major corporation be involved in something like this?".  Yes, why indeed.  Especially when I had three executives and a few managers in my corner.  The whole chain of events is very suspicious when all is said and done.  Everyone on my team was shocked.  No one could understand why any of this was happening.  After I gathered my things and split, my former supervisor informed people in Corporate Marketing that my departure was 'voluntary'.  The way I look at it, there was no rhyme or reason for any of this to happen.  Therefore, it's only obvious to me that destiny has paved a path for me towards bigger and better things.  To my friends back at MSC, I wish them the best and I hope they get the assistance they need to make their numbers this year.  I'll be keeping you posted on my future successes.  Weird... I haven't been unemployed since 1989....


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Friday Family Night:  January's Friday Family Night will be on January 31st.  I'm giving you plenty of notice so you can plan for a fun-filled evening.  If enough people make an appearance, we will burn a fire in the backyard and fire up the jacuzzi.  Remember, bring your thinking cap!  We're going to decide where to meet in February!