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January 22, 2003


At Home:  Like I said last week, I haven't been unemployed since 1989.  However, the situation is quite different this time.  Today, I am looking at 14 additional years of corporate experience under my belt in the technology industry versus the 5 years of clerical knowledge I had back then.  I'm just wondering what that will earn me in today's market.  In my quest for finding something that will allow me a flexible schedule, I've been investigating home-based businesses.  Oh, wow... where do I start my rant?  I've had my experience with multi-level marketing.  Remember, Melaluka and Big Planet?  I've even been approached by Amway more than once (tried to trick me by calling it "Gateway" once).  These companies promote attractive phrases like "work your own hours" and "financial freedom".  We are now in the Internet age and the MLM's are taking over in this area.  I'm not saying that some of these businesses aren't legitimate.  However, anything that requires you to get <enter number here> people to sign up and make it to <enter level here> so you can obtain residual income for the rest of your life is completely lame.  I've done the regular stuff (posting my resume, applying for positions) to gain employment.  I will be surprised if I get any response.  My next step is the dreaded Temp Agencies.  Yes, I have even thought about frequenting the local yacht clubs in search of a millionaire that is willing to give a single mother a chance in a legitimate position for a very lucrative wage.  Hey, I'm creative!  In the back of my head, I hear the chant, "Wait for it... wait for it...", like something perfect will just appear and hand me my business cards.  Keep dropping by Pique's Lair to get the latest and greatest updates!


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Friday Family Night:  January's Friday Family Night will be on January 31st.  Noooo... not this Friday, next Friday.  Be there.