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January 29, 2003


Hockey Girl: Little did some of you know, Mischa has been participating in some one-day women's hockey clinics since October with the famous L.A. Kings.  Darryl Evans (Former LA King player and now Kings sports commentator) was the instructor for these clinics.  Darryl and the Kings organization have put together a new flagship program and Mischa has signed up as a Goalie.  It's a 5 clinic term starting this Sunday (down at Health South in El Segundo where the Kings train) and there is an exhibition game at the end of the term.  Mischa is one of 4 Goalies (two per team).  One of the coolest things is that 3 of the 5 clinics will be at the Staples Center, on ice after a Kings game (the team mates are getting tickets to those games as well)!!!  They are bringing in professional Hockey coaches and everything.  She doesn't promise great skating, only great entertainment!  GO, MISCHA!


provided by Mischa



Bethel Towers:  My Mom moved into a new place not to long ago.  She spared no time making it a home.  I went over and took these pictures on Tuesday before we went to do even more shopping.  Would you believe she's not even done decorating yet?  Mom says she's turning Japanese with all of the Asian influences she purchased for a whopping $25 at an estate sale.  Check out her new studio pad.

Do you think the chandelier is big enough?

Hey, that's a TEAK table, thank you!

It's a couch!  It's a bed!

The kitchen needs a little help.

All the amenities...

What is it with you and statues, Mom?


Friday Family Night:  January's Friday Family Night will be on January 31st at Area 51.  Yesssss... it's this Friday!  Bring what you want to drink and a tasty snack to share if you dare.  I'll give you all an update on my job status.  Looking forward to seeing you!


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