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February 12, 2003


FFN Poll Results: Based on the fact that almost 27% of you voted for Club Ecstasy, I deem you perverts.  Not that this comes as much of a surprise to the Mistress of the Lair.  If you are a friend of mine, chances are good that you are a pretty sick and twisted individual.  Nonetheless, my sane friends participated as well and Todd's House wins out.  We will be gathering at his HB casa on Friday, February 28th.  Please mark your calendars now (even though I am going to remind you two more times).

Beginning Success:  Well, wouldn't you know it.  I barely get my business cards and I'm already getting leads for business.  My web site isn't even up yet!  It's amazing what can happen when you network.  I plan on giving out my business cards to ya'll to pass on as well.  I'll be hooked up with DSL and a business phone line in no time.  My short-term goal is to avoid having to find part-time work to cover the bills.  I think most of you know what my goal for the year is.  What is your guess?


Here is a look at what the beginning of success looks like.  Remember, Ingram Micro (largest technology distributor in the world) started out as Micro D selling computer components out of the back of a car.

Guest Book::  If you have taken as much of my guilt trips as you can stand, please sign the guest book and relieve yourself of this obligation.