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February 19, 2003


Goal Poll Results:  Either you guys think I am brain-damaged enough to believe that I could actually obtain a job at Club Ecstasy, or you think it might actually be an achievable goal for the Pique-meister.  I'll go with the latter and be flattered.  Actually, my real goal for this year is to become a millionaire.  I think it's a good goal to have.  I dare any one of you to join me in my quest.  It has all the elements of an exciting journey.  We'll slay a few demons, find treasures here and there and pick up tools, weapons and powers along the way. We'll see new lands, taste exquisite delicacies and meet fascinating creatures.  We'll grow stronger, develop new talents and acquire more knowledge.  We'll spit in the face of fear and conquer all that we ever dreamed possible.  All the while, never experiencing a dull moment.  Feel comfortable at the level you're at?  Good for you!  Up for the challenges of the Dream Team?  Then you're like us... ALL FIRED UP!  Welcome aboard, Squirrel Heather!

Journey to Success:  Last week, it was business cards.  This week, the web site for Efficiency Guru went live.  I designed it myself and would like your feedback.  Michael Coleman will be working on the back-end database for the form on the Contact page.  That is my next project for this web site.  I am learning so much regarding the web stuff.  It's amazing how much you consume when you are immersed in it all.  Don Hoover was nice enough to set me up with a wireless DSL connection this past weekend.  Thanks, Don!!  I should set up a web cam so ya'll can tune in to see a millionaire in the making!


Family Updates:  

* Dennis and Christine Stone are the proud owners of their first house!  It is located in Fullerton, CA.  And if that wasn't exciting enough, Christine just got a new job at First Home Mortgage (how ironic).  She starts today, Wednesday, February 19th!

* Number of hits on Pique's Lair since last Wednesday:  73

* Area 51's guest bathroom is in the process of getting a face lift (it's about time)!  We were able to get rid of that nasty mustard colored toilet and orange flowered wallpaper.  It's not finished yet, but I can tell you it's still a major improvement!

* Reminder:  Friday Family Night is scheduled for February 28th at Todd's House.  Please mark your calendars!

* Mark and Lisa Jackson have a new addition to their family. He's an 8-month-old Rottie puppy named Bodhi, named after Patrick Swayze's character in Point Break.  The little tike is keeping up with his enormous brother, Zeka, an Anatolian Shepard.

Guest Book:  Please sign the guest book if you haven't done so yet this year.  Thanks!