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February 26, 2003


Bushi:  I may have expressed my excitement to some of you personally, but I forgot to mention the new addition to Mongo's family in the Lair.  It's a little American Eskimo puppy named Bushi.  Obviously, she is a ball of white, fluffy fur.  For a puppy, Bushi is really pretty mellow.  No one can dispute that she is a lap dog.  Mongo is just happy that he house trained her at the Crack House before he moved to a nicer place, which is supposed to happen sometime this year.

Friday Family Night:  This will be your last reminder, so mark it down on your social calendar!  Ready?  Todd's House, Huntington Beach, Friday, February 28th, 6:00pm.  Bring munchies, drinks, yourself and an idea for where we should meet in March.  This is the only possible time to find out all the dramatic details that I am not permitted to post here in the Lair.  And depending on who attends, we might even find out something new and exciting!

Important Information:  Have you ever had your wallet stolen?  After that sinking feeling dissipates, there are some immediate actions that must be taken to avoid major issues in the near future.  What exactly are those action items?  I've created a page for you to reference in case this ever happens to you.  However, you may want to take a look at it now in order to prepare for something so tragic.  Yeah, it's a little like keeping an earthquake kit in your trunk and emergency rations in your pantry.  None of us do this, but when tragedy strikes, these preparations will come in most handy.  You will be able to find this link on Pique's Lair on the Links Page.  Check it out.  --------> STOLEN 411

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