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March 5, 2003


February FFN Recap:  I don't know if it was the date or the location, but there was a big turn-out for Friday Family Night last week.  Obviously, Todd was there since it was his pad.  Another HB local, Swede, was there as well.  Add a mix of Hoover's and Stanton's, Skippy, Coleman, Kimmy, Elana, Steven (a former neighbor) and Darien (Thomas Wood's girlfriend) and we have ourselves a pretty happenin' party!  What did I find out?  Swede just got back from a trip to Hawaii and is looking to do private massage gigs to earn more money.  I told him if he added dancing to his repertoire, he just might earn a fortune.  Swede is also looking into a career as a stunt man for movies and such.  Skippy doesn't think that working 12+ hours a day is necessarily working overtime, but that's exactly what he's doing.  Sleep deprivation is a constant in Skippy's life at the moment.  Coleman is currently working for a friend of Don's and is privileged to be working on the backend database for  Kimmy was jacked up on muscle relaxants and I'm sure she had a very good reason for taking them.  I was too spun out that Elana came by that I forgot to ask Kimmy why she needed to relax her muscles.  However, she looked happy and still gives great hugs.  Elana is still living on her boat in Redondo Beach and working on dramatic shows in Hollywood.  I told her to download all the information she knows about stunt people to Swede because she has a contact or two.  Oh, and regardless of any rumors you may have heard, Elana isn't getting married - not yet anyway.  Todd's lease is coming up on his truck and he is debating on whether he will buy it or not.  He also sported a new sword with a live blade that Kimmy bought him.  It has dragon's on it, so you know I fell in love with it instantly.  I'd say it was a pretty successful party.  I'll be posting a poll  next week on where this month's FFN will be.

New Puppy & Quad:  I bet you were wondering what Lisa and Mark's new puppy looks like next to their gigantic Anatolian Shepard, Zeka. Well, wonder no more!  Oh yeah, and Lisa got her very own quad this past weekend!  Ain't she a beaut?  Watch out Glamis partiers!  Hoochie's got a new toy!


Iraq Attack:  And for your moment of political zen...

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