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March 12, 2003


New Email Address:  I have a new email address.  Please update your records.  You can now reach me via email at  I am slowly getting rid of America Online.  If you don't know already, AOL is evil -  like the fruits of the devil.  Would you believe I can't access my ftp site if I have AOL fired up?  Yeah, it's ridiculous.  In addition, it doesn't allow information from my form to come through.  AOL must go.

March Friday Family Night:  I heard from Todd that we have three suggestions for the location of this month's FFN.  The magic date is March 28th and I want more suggestions.  If you want to submit a suggestion before next Wednesday, please email me.  I will post all the suggestions next week.

Hair Cuts & Voting:  Like an enlightened sword, Banzai comes slashing into The Lair with new hair.  Would you believe he is actually thinking about taking a political stance and sharing his opinions at the voting polls too?  It's like a whole new (and handsome) Banzai!  Take a look!

Shameless Plug:  Oh, you're probably thinking I'm going to plug my new business... again.  Naw, not this time.  Actually, it's all about my cutie patootie, Laura.  Just in case you forgot just how adorable she is, I thought I'd remind you with a few pics taken recently.  Can you believe how big she is?!?

Just chillin'

Pat the Bunny and me go way back

How YOU doin'?

I think something's not quite right...


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