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March 26, 2003


March FFN:  Well, it seems as though only two people voted for where to have this week's Friday Family Night.  I was having some technical difficulties last week, so I don't even know if you received the email pointing you to The Lair.  Hopefully, I've worked out the kinks and you all are here reading this right now.  March's Friday Family night will be located at the ShoreHouse on Main Street in HB at 6:00pm this Friday.  Mark your calendars and we'll see you there!  (This may require a telemarketing campaign...)

Todd's New Toy:  Todd is now the proud owner of a '99 Ford Ranger King Cab.  He purchased it with the help of his trusted friend, Tom, on Monday night.  His monthly payments went down about $300.  I'm sure Todd feels like a huge (financial) weight was lifted!  Congratulations, Todd!  Looking forward to seeing your new white truck!

Disney Day:  Sunday, April 27th (week after Easter), I am pulling a group together for a trip to Disneyland.  Coleman, you'll be needing to buy another annual pass anyway.  I'll be sending out invitations to all you locals to find out if you're interested in joining us for a wonderful Spring day at the Happiest Place On Earth.

Guest Book::  Don't forget to sign the guest book if you haven't done so yet this year.  Thanks!