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May 21, 2002


Pique's Purple Party:  What a blast!  Not only did the adults have a great time, but little Leanne and Laura played until they collapsed in exhaustion <whew>.  I received an incredible blessing from Banzai (domo) and also found out I make a great Purple Haze <hic>.  Luigi didn't let us down with his home-made taquitos and guacamole <burp>. The people that came to Area 51 Saturday night made me feel way lucky to have friends like them.  Shout out to my peeps for making my belated birthday party so awesome!  You guys are the BEST!  Banzai and Maya won the prize (a black & purple zebra-striped votive lamp) for the baby picture game by guessing 100% correctly.  It wasn't as easy as it would seem.  Skippy read off everyone's answers with side-splitting humor that I've greatly missed in recent times.  The picture game participants were:

1.  Swede 2.  Anne 3.  Banzai 4.  Don
5.  Tommy 6.  Pique 7.  Laura 8.  Maya


Best Buds:  Laura & Leanne Hug for Anne Hug for Skippy
Robert, Kimmi & Maya Luigi, Swede & Don Swede, Amber & Mongo
~ So In Love ~ Jenn, Todd, Scott & Banzai Attorney By My Side

Friday Family Night:  I'll be here.  The question is:  Will You?



"It's bad."  - Robert Saldana
Submitted by:  Pique


Urban Legends & Folklore - Email responsibly.
Submitted by:  Don Hoover & Pique

What would your current frustrations look like from the vantage point of the final days of your life?
Submitted by:  Pique



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