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I've had 36 guests in Pique's Lair this week.  Thank you for coming.  If you've missed previous journey highlights, you can read them now.  Just click on the ARCHIVES link.  I hope you enjoy this weeks virtual excursion.






Journey Highlights - June 12, 2001

Personal Time Off: 
Lots of AES employees are being forced to use up their PTO.  It's amazing how they will lay off 7% of the staff, cause the remaining employees to accomplish more, and then ask them to do it in less time by making them take off a number of days.  For instance, we lost Christine in the lay-off leaving just Andy and I to administrate the Marketing Department.  Andy had something like 18 days of PTO that they wanted off the books by the end of June.  For the rest of the month, I will only see Andy in the office for four days.  I, myself, am taking every Monday off.  Steve, our graphic artist/magic maker, is taking an entire week off.  I have a feeling I will be one busy camper for the next few weeks.  If you work at AES, please stop by my desk periodically and give me a shoulder massage.  It would be greatly appreciated.

I'm also trying to get more information on the Ingram Micro layoff last week (400 in Santa Ana - 1000 nationally).  Ellie Bozorgmehri and Helma Bernardini were amongst those who were hit.  Helma chose to take the "30-day transition period" bonus.  They are moving their licensing department to Buffalo, NY.  If you know any information, please email me.


Before any of the entertainment began, food needed to be obtained.  Mare and I went to the Mandarin Chinese restaurant on First & PCH in Long Beach.  The food was great, as usual, but for some strange reason we had to ask for soy sauce.  I'm thinkin' it should come with the meal automatically.  It's like asking for steak sauce with your steak.  Well, that seemed to be the only setback of the evening, because we then obtained heavy duty cough syrup (for me) and then it was off to the theatre!  We had to be very careful though because Mare was wearing ankle-breaking shoes.  One step on uneven ground and "snap"!  I did warn her ahead of time that if she fell, I would laugh.  Out loud.  The musical was outstanding.  I am constantly impressed by the quality of dancers, singers and actors.  From the get-go, I was riveted.  For some reason, I completely forgot that Mary Sunshine was played by a man, which makes the character that much more impressive, especially when she... he... hits the high notes.  Hope I didn't ruin it for any of you.  Next show:  Saturday Night Fever. 


The Wedding:

The Set-Up The Quartet (w/Nicholas) T-Man, Pumpkin & Skippy

The Bride (Renee') & Groom (Mike) The Wedding Party The Wedding Cake

Sisters (Renee' & Ashley) The Proud Father (Philbert) Four Generations 
(Alice, Susan, Renee' & Tracy)

The Garter Retrieval


It's a Small World After All:
I finally hooked up with Toni on Monday.  She is so difficult to nail down as she is the epitome of the social butterfly.  It's fun to sit and chat with her (well, for me at least) because all I have to do is start her on a subject and then watch her go.  Ever since I've known Toni, she's been hyper-kinetic and energized.  She's happy if she gets two hours of sleep a night and you'd think she's been popping speed.  But, no... she's like that naturally, which makes her that much more entertaining.  Anyhow, she looks great and her daughter, McKenna, is adorable.  McKenna is already 4 1/2 years old!  Toni is working the Renaissance Faire this coming weekend.  I was thinking about heading out there on Saturday.  If you'd like to join me, let me know!  There is a picture of both Toni & McKenna on the PICTURES page (link above).  Toni said she talked to Jarhead Kev and he's planning on hooking up soon.  She thought he was moving to Pasadena to be closer to work.  Yikes!  Hopefully, I will have more info on Kev for you next week.

On a side note, I am having lunch with Shay (Shaila Mulji) and Hoochie Mama (Lisa Jackson) at Angie's on Wednesday, June 13th at 11:30!


A Friend:
(A)ccepts you as you are 
(B)elieves in you
(C)alls you just to say "Hi" 
(D)oesn't give up on you 
(E)nvisions the whole of you (even the unfinished parts) 
(F)orgives your mistakes 
(G)ives unconditionally 
(H)elps you 
(I)nvites you over 
(J)ust "be" with you 
(K)eeps you close at heart 
(L)oves you for who you are 
(M)akes a difference in your life 
(N)ever judges 
(O)ffers support 
(P)icks you up 
(Q)uiets your fears 
(R)aises your spirits 
(S)ays nice things about you 
(T)ells you the truth when you need to hear it 
(U)nderstands you 
(V)alues you 
(W)alks beside you 
(X)-plains things you don't understand 
(Y)ells when you won't listen and 
(Z)aps you back to reality 


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QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  "For all sad words of tongue or pen / The saddest are these: 'It might have been.'" - John Greenleaf Whittier (submitted by Toni Kupfer)




Renee' Luth & Mike Stapley's Wedding - June 2nd
Steve Shin's B-Day - June 2nd
Thedmo's B-Day - June 4th
Frank Fernandez' B-Day - June 4th
Jeff Rickey's B-Day - June 4th
Jack Irwin's B-Day - June 5th
Edith McCauley's B-Day - June 7th
Sally Aiello's B-Day - June 8th
Ashley Luth's B-Day - June 10th
Westin Gaudet's B-Day - June 10th
Cristie Gaudet's Birthday - June 11th
Don & Anne Hoover's 1st Anniversary - June 16th
Roger Gudobba's Birthday - June 25th
Jerry & Cathy Reynolds' 33rd Anniversary - June 29th

Independence Day - July 4th
Christine Martines' Birthday - July 9th
Don Hoover's Birthday - July 10th
Shaila Mulji's Birthday - July 17th