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I've had 37 guests in Pique's Lair this week.  Thank you for coming.  If you've missed previous journey highlights, you can read them now.  Just click on the ARCHIVES link.  I hope you enjoy this weeks virtual excursion.





June 19, 2001


It's a Wonderful Town: 
Mischa loved New York!  She said that she could easily live there if she didn't have to struggle.  Meesh visited the U.N., browsed a few museums, shopped on 5th Avenue, strolled in Central Park, rode the ferry at night and saw the lights of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty, walked around Rockefeller Center and toured the Bronx Zoo.  One night, there was a thunder storm.  She and her friend Jennifer walked into the rain and sat in a park watching the lightening under the awning of a closed cafe.  Like Vegas, it is a city that never sleeps.  At 2:00am, the subway is packed.  It wasn't until she got back to her apartment in Los Angeles that she noticed how quiet it was.  New York is full of "city noise" and even the double paned windows in Jennifer's apartment didn't block it all out.  Mischa said that she would go back in a heartbeat.  Next trip:  The Empire State Building!


Santa Monica Bound:
Kirner took last Wednesday off to execute the exhaustive, time-consuming, back-breaking chore of watching the professional movers pack and transport his precious cargo from Tustin Ranch to Santa Monica.  It took such effort, his buddy Ron was there to assist him.  Scotty was slated to help Jim and Ron, but chickened out at the last minute.  At this point, Jim doesn't know if anything was stolen by the movers, but only one thing was broken.  It must have happened when Jim and Ron went to get more beer.  Gosh, moving is so difficult! Well, it's finally done, Jim.  Just sit back and rest easy.  The unpacking and decorating crew will be there shortly.


The Honeymoon:
Renee' said that Mexico was great. They stayed at a really nice and inexpensive place (two of Renee's favorite things).  She said they both were so exhausted from the wedding festivities that they just laid around and enjoyed the scenery.  Sounds like heaven to me.  Little do they know that this is the last vacation they will ever see.  Once you're married, it's nothing but work, work, work.  <snicker!>  Glad they enjoyed it!


It's a Small World After All:

Lisa was jacked up at work and couldn't make it to Angie's, but Shay and I spent an hour downloading information.  Shaila now works at Virtucon reporting to Dr. Evil.  She is in charge of helping her boss build his evil empire.  Shay couldn't tell me the exact location of her office, but she did refer to it as a "secret volcano lair" and spoke of a "short, creepy coworker that bites".  No, wait... that's where I work.  Shaila actually works for a company called Virtuant and is a partnership of Database Consulting Group and Baer Group.  What she does has something to do with wireless technology... and... we pretty much left it at that.  If you see ERP and not instantly think of Val Kilmer's character in Tombstone, you're probably down with what she's into.

Speaking of companies that begin with "V", Viacore just executed a major layoff on Wednesday, June 13th.  No, Amber was not directly affected.  Peripherally, however, only she and a field rep are left in her professional social group.  Everyone else is gone.  Amber's VP and previous Ingram boss, Tim Jeffries, was one of the individuals directly affected by the layoff.  T-Man said Amber looked completely shell-shocked.  She could definitely use a massage, and she's in luck because...

Swede is in the process of learning the art of massage!  He is currently attending anatomy classes and applying techniques hands-on (pardon the pun).  He seems to enjoy it and is spending lots of time educating himself on the subject.  Swede doesn't know if this will be a full-time or part-time job for him.  At the moment, he is just looking for a "job", not a career.

Our friend and neighbor from The Huntington Apartment days, Dave Porter, is going to be in town with his family the weekend of August 17th!  Jennifer McIntee and I are planning a little shindig in Carlsbad to welcome them back to Cali and get reacquainted.  We haven't seen Dave and Patricia since their son came along.  We can't wait to meet the little guy!  We'll make sure to call Dave "Forest Gump".  He really hates that, but he does a great impression.


Scotty's New Job:

Scott's new job is going well.  He seems to love it right now working out of his bedroom office for Penguin Computing, but Jenn says he could still be in the 'honeymoon' phase.  His territory covers San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles.  I'm told Penguin is a direct competitor of Thedmo's company.  Scotty's traded in the Honda (airport car) and upgraded to a '99 Chrysler 300M.  Didn't want to put the mileage on the Suburban (gas hog), especially with gas prices the way they are these days.


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QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  "If you can't be a good example, then you'll just have to be a horrible warning" - Catherine Aird  (submitted by Toni Kupfer)




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