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I've had 43 guests in Pique's Lair this week.  Thank you for coming.  If you've missed previous journey highlights, you can read them now.  Just click on the ARCHIVES link.  I hope you enjoy this weeks virtual excursion.







July 10, 2001



Happy Birthday!

Christine Martines 
& Don Hoover



Area 51 Pass: 
On Friday, July 6th, I packed up my belongings and headed back to Area 51.  Bill lives in a 55+ park and can have guests stay with him in his pre-fabricated home.  However, Laura and I have been there since April 11th and the estate managers felt that it was becoming a long-term situation.  Honestly, I didn't expect to be there for more than a month or two at the most except that the refinancing took much longer than expected.  Just as that whole mess was taken care of, T-Man was suddenly laid off.  I asked Tom and Lou if it was alright to move back to Area 51 until Tom becomes re-employed.  Once that happens, I will move into an apartment.  So in the mean time, if you want to call me, I can be reached on my cell phone or at 714.775.2526.


Independence Day:
I can't remember the last time I was at a slumber party, but that's exactly what we had on Tuesday night.  Todd invited us over to his tiny abode the night before Independence Day.  Todd, Todd (yes, another Todd), Amber, Elana, Swede, Mongo, T-Man, Laura and I hung out around the fire and then passed out anywhere we could find space.  Mongo's place (remember, the Crack House?) is just around the corner so he crashed there.  Todd #2 didn't stay either so that meant none of us had to sleep on the porch.  The next morning, we made a bee-line for Starbucks on Main Street in H.B..  The parade started at about 10am and we had the perfect spot on the planter in front of Starbucks.  The palm trees provided us with shade.  T-Man was working the Lion's booth until they ran out of hotdogs.  After the parade, T-Man met up with us and we went to the Aloha Grill (next to Starbucks) for lunch.  If you haven't been there, I highly recommend it.  Not just for the excellent food, but for the great atmosphere.  I should have pictures for you shortly.


San Diego Zoo Pictures:



Small World News:
It's time again for another Friday Family Night at Area 51!  The last one ("Time To Smile") was June 15th.  I figure that's quite long enough.  So!  This coming Friday, July 13th is the night!  The theme is: "Friday the 13th" so bring some dead flesh to grill and prepare to tell spooky stories around the camp fire.  Maybe "Jason" will pop out to join us! <evil laughter>

The 22 ft. boat that Elana was on capsized Sunday as she was certifying two divers in open water.  There was a malfunction and the boat started taking on water on the back end.  The crew tried to start the engine but the battery ran down and it was too late.  The crew and divers were rescued by BayWatch.  Yes, they really exist - it's not just a TV show.  To Elana's benefit, one of the rescuers was a real hottie and he let her use his personal cell phone to make a call.  One of the students helped with the recovery of the equipment and was certified based on his experience with an actual search and rescue!  No simulation needed for that guy!  Luckily, no one was hurt, but Elana is pretty thrashed!

T-Man has a new email address.  You can now email him at  Why "Musical Snake" you ask?  Well, of course, there is a story behind it.  And if you have a spare hour, ask T-Man to tell you how he adopted the name.  Is it a long story?  No.  Is it a short story?  Not when T-Man tells it.  Heh, heh...  However, you can count on it being entertaining!

Ouch!  I chipped my front tooth on Laura's skull!  Ta-Da!  And for my next trick...

And, hey!  Check out the new Lair Message Board!  Post messages!  Start a conversation with friends of The Lair!  I'll give you a topic:  

There's more sex on TV than ever before, and more different kinds on a wider range of shows.  Does it affect viewers?


Tomb Raider:

Angelina Jolie.  Her name stands for Heavenly Hellion.  If ever I had an alter ego, it would be hers.  And if ever she made a movie that most portrayed her real self, it's her character (Lara Croft) in Tomb Raider.  I love movies where girls kick butt - Charlie's Angels, Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon, etc.  I can now add Tomb Raider to the list... and it's going on the top.  Angelina, you can raid my tomb anytime!  You go, girl!  And to think T-Man slept through most of this movie when he saw it!  Sometimes I think he's borderline narcoleptic. 

Kirner's Pics:  Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within will be out on July 11th.  This movie was 99% created by the software that Jim sells (Maya).  Also, put Lord of the Rings on your list, due in December.  Wanna see a really cool related website?  Check out!


Last Week's Poll:
Last week, I asked if you had won the $141 million California Lottery jackpot, what would you do with the money?

78% of you are on the right track - Give up my job and live like royalty.
14% of you are crazy - Keep going to work like nothing happened.
7% of you are all out nuts - Give most of it to charity.
No one would buy their company and fire their boss.  The 14% of you who would continue working like nothing happened, you might as well own the company you're putting your time and effort into!


    Lair Message Board   

Topic:  There's more sex on TV than ever before and more different kinds on a wider range of shows.  Does it affect viewers?



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Don Hoover's Birthday - July 10th
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Todd West's Birthday - August 8th
Michael Hefflin Remembered - August 15th
Kevin Harris' Birthday - August 19th
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