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Shaila Mulji




July 16, 2002



70's Party Revisited:  Anne really did a number on this one.  The party was a success and everyone had a groovy time.  The goal was to rub it in that Don was turning 40 - and Anne did a great job.  There were many 1st-timers at Area 51 for this event and some return partiers we haven't seen in a long time.  That and the grape kool-aid were a formula for success.  Equipped with a Studio 54 sign that Steve Shin whipped up for me last minute (you rock, dude!), we pulled out all the vinyls and took them for a spin:  The Tubes, Xanadu, Journey... and many more.  Anne brought the 'Undercover Brother' soundtrack.  Jill O'Campo only let me take her picture if I promised to play a Queen album from beginning to end.  Don's fire-breathing faire friend, Thomas, joined us for the first time.  He was giving chiropractic manual adjustments/massages to anyone who wanted one and entertained us with his amazing juggling magic.  Keith brought a present that took Don half an hour to find in the wrapping.  Had some good quote of the week contenders from that.  For such short notice, I am surprised we pulled off such a great party.  We were too busy having fun, we forgot to eat the birthday cake. Here's a glimpse at what some of you missed:


Amber and Don Chris, Thedmo & Lou-Dog Donald & Jeremy
Flora, Don & Keith Thomas & Don Donald, Don & Anne
Luigi, Thedmo & John Mark & Jill Pique & Anne
Don, T-Man & Luigi Donald, Pique & Mark Todd & Kimmy

~ Steve Shin Creation ~


Layoff Game:  Let's play a new game!  It's called, "Guess Who Just Got Laid Off?".  It happened the morning of July 15th.  Want a hint?  This person was at the 70's Nostalgia Party.

Wedding Anniversaries:  Scott and Jennifer McIntee just celebrated their 5th anniversary last week!!  John and Nancy Irwin are celebrating their 10th anniversary this week!  Congratulations!!

O.C. Decade:  Orange County - Then & Now

Item 1992 2002
Knott's Berry Farm Admission $22.95 $40.00
Local Unemployment 6.9% 4.0%
30-Year Fixed Mortgage 8.05% 6.20%
Number of Area Codes 2 (714, 310) 3 (714, 949, 562)
Number of O.C. Cities 31 34 (Aliso Viejo, Laguna Woods, Rancho Santa Margarita added)

Friday Family Night:  Anyone up for a game of Yatzee?  Twister?  I'm having too much fun with this 70's stuff.  What a great theme Anne came up with.  I think there were some Donny & Marie and Jackson 5 records we haven't played yet <snicker>.  Hope to see you this Friday!

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"I have the heart of a little boy... I keep it in a jar of formaldehyde in my closet." - Bill Loughlin
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Be concerned more with how you live than how long.
Submitted by:  Pique

 OF THE WEEK - Found this surfing for Studio 54 artwork.  I didn't believe it when I saw it - neither will you.
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Shaila Mulji's Birthday - 17th
John & Nancy Irwin's 10th Anniversary - 18th

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