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Happy Birthday!




July 17, 2001

Well, <sigh> I changed the website around a little bit again.  I felt like you had to scroll for days to get through everything.  I've added some new things to look at, too.  So, take the time to absorb the vibe of the refurbished site and let me know what you think.  Your feedback is always welcome!

The last time I saw Bryn, T-Man was lying in the hospital with a skull fracture.  It wasn't until Toni dragged her over to Area 51 for "Friday the 13th" that I realized it had been over a year since she'd been here.  They had just finished working out at 24-hr Fitness and decided to make an appearance.  Even after a sweaty workout, these two looked great - sweats and all!  They missed all the fellow Ninja's except for T-Man and Todd.  Elana, Banzai, Swede and Mongo were off doing other stuff that night.  Mongo went to Las Vegas.  He must have a gambling jones (named Rachel) or something.  Aside from the surprise Kunoichi visitors, the Jackson's came by to show off Mark's new switchblade.  Mark is able to carry it because it has a "safety tool" on it - a seatbelt cutter.  I wonder how many times he'll use that feature.  Being a lover of knives, I tried to pocket it.  However, being an officer, Mark didn't have to do much frisking to find it again.  That's okay, I prefer daggers anyway.  <hmph!>  Lisa received a "career refinement" on Monday the 16th.  Neither of us knew exactly what that meant, but we hoped it was a good thing... and it was.  Luigi will be taking on some added responsibilities at his place of employment.  He doesn't like the title much, but the job requires him to drive Ferrari's and get paid a hell of a lot more moola.  Hmmm... I think he can get past the title issue.  No, his new title's not "Pimp Daddy".  Sheesh!  What dirty minds you have!

I saw Final Fantasy the day it came out with my co-associates, Andy and Steve.  It was Kirner who requested (demanded, actually) that I see it ASAP.  99% of the move was made using Maya software and he wanted to get my feedback.  I told him, in all honesty, that I would give the movie four out of five stars.  This rating is based solely on the graphic content.  The script and story line were... well, stupid.  Don't go to see FF to seek that type of entertainment.  However, the animation was outstanding and I highly recommend seeing it just for that.  It truly was amazing and extremely enjoyable.  This really wet my appetite to see Shrek (very cool website!).  And I'm so glad I did.  What a neat story!  Shrek has my vote for the "feel good" movie of the year.  It's the complete opposite of Final Fantasy.  The animation was typical Disney.  It was the story and characters that made this movie enjoyable.  Sure, it's an animated film, but it has dialog that adults can enjoy.  The only downer is that they stole one of my lines,  "Better out than in, I always say" and I didn't receive any credit (or money).  Oh, well... I suppose they can borrow it.  Mike Myers (Shrek), Eddie Murphy (Donkey) and Cameron Diaz (Princess Fiona) were the voices and did a great job.  It's hilarious!  I'm buying it on DVD when it comes out!

Independence Day Pics:

Swede, T-Man, Todd & Mongo

Swede & Elana


Strawberry Festival Queen & Court

Men In Skirts



Last Week's Poll:
Last week, I asked who your favorite fictional bear was.

42% voted for Winnie
14% voted for Yogi
14% voted for Smokey
28% voted for Grateful Dead Dancing Bears

This was a trick question.  Now I know how many of you smoke pot.


 QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." - submitted by Toni Kupfer

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