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AES is now MSC!



July 24, 2001

It's official!  As of July 18th at 12:01 pm PST, AES is now MSC!  The receptionist began answering the phone as "AES, a subsidiary of MSC Software.  How can I help you?"  It became the joke of the day, so they changed it to "Good Morning/Afternoon, AES and MSC company."  Thaaaat's better!  Bins have been dispersed around the buildings and AES employees are being urged to get rid of unnecessary files.  Moving to the new building will happen in short order.  I'll keep ya'll posted on where I end up at MSC.  Check out the press release!

Elana went to the Survivor IV cattle call on Saturday, July 21st.  It was a very long line around the CBS building, however, she got in for an interview and should know something by the 27th.  She met up with one of the people she worked with on the set of The District.  She also set up an interview with the producers of a new show that's a spin-off of Politically Incorrect.  She just called to let me know she got her old job back on The District!  She's really excited about it!

Laura went to the Orange County Fair with her Dad and Uncle Lou-dog on Saturday.  Tommy made the tactical error of swinging by the rides before heading to the petting zoo.  Once Laura got site of that big slide, she was off and running.  She rode on almost all the rides, including the spinning berries (kinda like the tea cups at Disneyland).  Needless to say, she didn't see the petting zoo that day.  From what I understand, she did take a ride on an elephant, though.  Hey, why play with animals you can't ride on!  My little daughter has turned into an adrenaline junkie over night.  I'm sure she had plenty of things to tell her friends Eric and Anthony on the playground on Monday.

Toni asked me to add this to the web site.  It's a link that talks about the Perils of the Pit.  If you have a small child and you spend time at the beach, I suggest you read this.  Just because there's no fire doesn't mean the coals aren't enough to seriously burn your beloved offspring.


This Week in 2000:
A year ago this week, many exciting things were happening at Area 51.  
  • Lou unexpectedly installed a big screen TV in the living room in conjunction with a new VCR.  
  • My cousin, Maryanne, donated a jacuzzi to Area 51.  
  • Tom was just coming off of the steroids from the skull fracture incident.  
  • Current Event Night at Area 51 was conceived.
  • Brad Johnson's Home Page was introduced to the Area 51 family.
  • A '98 Nissan Pathfinder was up for sale.
  • Luke Porter's 3 month picture was posted on the Area 51 website.

Can you believe that was a year ago?!?


Last Week's Poll:
Last week, I asked what you thought of the new format:

80% thought the new look was so beautiful, it made you want to sing and dance
10% thought it looked the same (because you are blind and/or didn't scroll down before voting)
10% didn't care what it looked like as long as it delivered the 411
0% thought it sucked (yay!) and...
0% of you wanted to tell me what you really thought (Other)

This was also a trick question.  Now I know how many of you kiss butt.  Kidding!  Thanks for the compliments and thanks for playing!


 QUOTE OF THE WEEK: ""When I was little, I use to think the stars in the night sky were airplanes that ran out of gas.  But as I matured, I've come to realize they're just double-parked." --Scott Magri
Submitted by Toni

 LINK OF THE WEEK: - Did you say "Skycar"?  Why, yes... yes we did!
Submitted by Don




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