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Hello August!



July 31, 2001

The Idywilld Jazz in the Pines concert is happening on August 25 & 26.  Swede needs to know who of you are interested in going.  The cost is $25 per day (before 8/10).  After that, they are $30.  Please respond no later than August 8th and get your money to Swede.  He will purchase all of the tickets.  By the way, everyone attending has reservations at Swede's Inn. 

Larry & Edith's Castaic house is for sale!  You may remember, it's the beautiful house that's identical to Scott and Jennifer's in Carlsbad.  Larry listed the details on the Lair Classifieds.  Check it out!

Togo's just retained a customer over the weekend.  Have you ever ordered a sandwich and once you got home it wasn't what you wondered if the person behind the counter understood English?  I think it's happened to all of us at one time or another.  Usually, we eat the damn sandwich because we're starving, even though it's not what our taste buds were expecting.  Elana chose not to do this and instead called Togo's and requested that a new sandwich be delivered.  Guess what?  The manager made the sandwich and delivered it himself!  He also made the suggestion that Elana order the #11 (Roast Beef & Avocado) in the future  - cheese is extra.  It's not on the menu, but they still make it.  He didn't even accept a tip for the delivery!  Is Elana the new contestant on Survivor IV?  I guess we'll never know.  Just kidding!  They stopped taking in applications and videos on Friday, July 27th.  As soon as Elana hears something, she'll let us know.  Wish her luck!

I got a new toy.  It's a Handspring Visor (recommended by T-Man and Hoover), also known as a PDA or Personal Digital Assistant.  I always thought that PDA stood for Public Display of Affection.  Either way, I'm a big supporter.  It's been a challenge putting all the information I keep into the Handspring, such as contact information, etc.  Mainly because, well, I don't have time to make my life more convenient.  And so, I am carrying both my PDA and my Franklin Planner with me.  I know.  It makes no sense to me either.

This is a pretty cool story.  My car CD player was giving me problems.  It would work when it was cool out, but when the weather got hot it would completely shut off.  I'd bang on the dash board and it would work for a little while, but eventually even that wouldn't work.  I felt like a complete idiot pounding on my car like that.  It seemed like something a teenager would have to do in a used Datsun to get things to work.  Here I was, a professional woman of 33 and mother of one, beating up her car stereo like frantic buffoon because, damn it, I can't breathe without music.  I was convinced that the power connection was loose and that all I had to do was unscrew the thing, pull it out, plug it in and be happier for spending the 5 minutes doing it... except, I couldn't just "pull it out" and I couldn't even get the screw back in.  Being an even bigger buffoon at that point, I finally broke down and solicited the help of my friendly resident engineer, Lou-Dog.  After a few minutes, he diagnosed the problem as a defective unit.  Great!  Now I had to go out and buy a new one.  If Lou couldn't fix the unit, it couldn't be fixed.  As a cloud formed over my head thinking about my dilemma, Lou was busy out buying me a new Kenwood and installing it without my knowledge.  Needless to say, when I sat in my car the following morning, I was shocked by the beautiful new stereo sitting in my dash board.  Danke, Lou-Dog!!

Dennis Stone is now gainfully employed at  Millennia Mortgage!  I don't know the details of when he starts or what he'll be doing, but what ever it is, he'll me making money doing it!  Now, time to get a jobby job for the wife-to-be.  In addition, he and Christine have decided to go to Hawaii for their honeymoon in September.  The plans have already been made and they are going to have an awesome time!

I went to see 'The Score' last week.  The movie starred such greats as Robert De Niro and Marlon Brando, however, the character portrayed by Edward Norton was simply amazing!  The chemistry between all these talented actors was awesome to watch and I rank this one right up there with 'The Usual Suspects' starring Kevin Spacey.  The film has all of the edge-of-your-seat suspense and plot twists that you can stand in two hours.  You won't be disappointed.

I was able to hook up with Charlotte McClanahan-Deardorf for lunch recently.  For those of you who haven't met her, Charlotte is a very dear friend of mine from way back.  I met her through Tom in 1984 which makes our friendship 17 years old.  I hadn't seen her since Hefflin's memorial back in August of last year.  She is a dispatcher for the La Palma Police Department and currently wears the same size clothing that I do.  Of course, we would never be able to wear each other's clothes.  We simply don't have the same taste in fashion.  Char's two sweet daughters are getting up there in age.  Meghan is 9 and Hanna will be turning 8 pretty soon here.  It was good to see Char-butt (only I can call her that) and catch up on stuff.  Ironically, we live in the same city.  Yet we haven't seen or talked to each other in almost a year.  The culprit, Char said, is that she feels she is up on current events because of the web site, so she doesn't feel out of touch.  Well, if everyone had a web site, Pique' wouldn't feel out of touch either!!  Is that why nobody's calling me?

For everybody's reference, Luigi decided not to accept the Executive Assistant position at his place of employment.  Even he has a price and they just weren't meeting it.  So, you can stop harassing him with secretary jokes, okay?  He's only filling in temporarily!!

In Entertainment this week, Lucy Lawless jumps from 'Xena' to 'X-Files'!  Click on her picture for the full story!

Orange County Fair 2001

Riding the Elephant!

The Biggest Swing Ever!

Choo Choo!

Roller Coaster of Luv!


This Week in 2000:
  • The frame for the jacuzzi was built and Lou started working on the plumbing.
  • Lisa Ray announced she was resigning from Ingram Micro.
  • Mongo made special martini's for everyone at Area 51.
  • 77% of you liked the smell of popcorn.
  • was the link of the week (submitted by Coleman).
  • Michelle Collins' belly dancing schedule was posted on the Area 51 website..


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Since 62% of you thought this was a good idea, I'll keep doing it.  Thanks for your feedback!


 QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "We love people for the purpose they serve.  Some people serve the purpose of being the common enemy." - Tom Stanton Jr.

 LINK OF THE WEEK:  Nike Ad Parody - Man, this is hilarious!
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