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Happy Birthday!!

Joe Aiello & Todd West



August 7, 2001

Reminder:  The Idywilld Jazz in the Pines concert is happening on August 25 & 26.  Swede needs to know who of you are interested in going.  The cost is $25 per day (before 8/10).  After that, they are $30.  Please respond no later than August 8th - (that's Wednesday!!) and get your money to Swede.  He will purchase all of the tickets.  By the way, everyone attending has reservations at Swede's Inn. 

Larry & Edith's Castaic house is in escrow!  It didn't take long for someone to put a solid bid on their Castaic casa!  Looks like the McCauley's will be moving the first weekend in September.  We may need to ship some bodies to Castaic on moving day!!  We'll keep you posted.

I feel like all the cool stories happened last week.  Aside from Christine Martines getting in a car accident (she's okay, the car needs work), it was a pretty quiet week.  Too quiet, perhaps.  At times, I had the notion to go screaming down the halls just to hear some noise at the former AES corporate building.  I just found out that everyone in the corporate building will be moving on August 17th.  The majority will be transported (noooo, not "teleported") to the 8th floor of the MSC skyscraper.  Finance and Marketing are going on the top (9th) floor.  Aren't we special?  This will be a temporary move for Finance (losers - just kidding!  Geez!), from what I understand.  Eventually, they will also reside on the 8th floor (with the other losers - I swear, I'm joking!).  The sales building occupants aren't moving until October 12th.  Yeah, I meant October.  I'm not sure if our PDG neighbors are in this group or not.  Bottom line:  I have 8 days to pack the entire Marketing department and no boxes to pack things in.  I have a feeling most of the stuff will be deposited delicately... in the dumpster out back.

We should pick a day to celebrate the August Boys birthdays!  Either that, or we'll have to vote on whether to have our annual Obnoxious Party this year!  Personally, I'm ready for one. <evil grin>

Interested in a Friday Family Night at Area 51?  This month is pretty crowded with social dates, but it looks like we're open this Friday, August 10!  I know - short notice.  Still, it would be nice to see ya'll, throw back some cool ones, play some pool and listen to some tunes.  Hope you can make it!!  Shoot me an email if you'll be around for dinner and we'll figure something out.  Sorry, Skip Doggy Dog.  You're going to miss out on all the fun.  Coleman's got a new digital camera.  Maybe we'll take pictures for ya!  <grin>


This Week in 2000:
  • Lou wired an "on" switch for the jacuzzi
  • Gore announced his choice for VP
  • McDonalds offered Britney Spears/N'Sync CD's
  • Ron Villaescusa got a jobby job with Dell?  Pac Bell?  Do tell.
  • T-Man asked for a new skull for his birthday
  • The date for Obnoxious Party 2000 was announced


 QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "If you could be friends with everyone in the world, life wouldn't be any fun." 
- Darren "Skippy" Sealock

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