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August 13, 2002


MSC Massacre:  We all knew that "re-org" is code for "layoff" and we were prepared for what was to come.  We've experienced a "re-org" every quarter since the acquisition of AES.  Over 30 people in the corporate office were laid off last Friday as well as some people in Europe and Asia Pacific.  In Systems sales, we lost Jeff Bedar, Gill and beloved Jason Harper.  Heather was really shocked as she is dedicated to the Systems business unit and thought they were done trimming the team.  My business unit was not safe from this pass either.  We let Eric in Colorado go, the newest member on the team.  In Corporate Marketing, interns Matt Crawford and Andres Chou were eliminated as well as Steve Shin's position.  Steve will still be with us until the end of this week since he had already resigned, but we will not be able to replace him.  Julia Oien had to come and visit me for a while to escape the "carnage" that was happening on the 8th floor (sales).  It was an emotional, high stress day.  If I had enough, I would have passed out Valium.  I've never handled a day of layoffs as well as I did that day - and I've survived quite a few.  I owe my calmness through this round to my wonderful prescription.  Just found out, our friend Rhoda Reynolds was laid off as well.

CATIA Fame:  Being the Product Lifecycle Managment marketing specialist for Dassault products at AES/MSC.Software for the past 3+ years, I've developed some pretty great relationships with the editors of magazines and on-line portals that we frequently advertise in.  Back in March when my team was at the CATIA Operators Conference (COE) in Palm Springs, I met up with my friends, Andrea Braverman and Brad Sauters at CATIA Solutions Magazine.  Andrea was kidding around and wanted to take a picture of myself and Julia Oien, Business Development Manager for our Nastran for Windows product in the MSC Booth.  Not too much later, Andrea called to tell me that our picture was going to be printed in the July/August issue of the trade mag featuring "CATIA Partnerships".  After I finished laughing, I called Julia to let her know.  She hoped the picture didn't reveal the late night we experienced the previous evening.  It actually turned out pretty good, but you could tell it was a stressful show for me.  Well, I'm flattered.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think my picture would show up in an independent magazine for CATIA, ENOVIA and DELMIA users.  Well, the more 'free' exposure for MSC, the better, I guess.  What ever it takes.  Good partnerships are priceless.

Posh Pic's:  We received a call from Posh Entertainment last Saturday.  The professional pictures of Laura are in and, according to the agent, they came out terrific.  We are going up to Beverly Hills this coming Saturday to see the results of the fun photo session we had with Lam.

McIntee Update:  Last Saturday, Jenn and Scott had an impromptu barbeque down in Carlsbad before Jenn's summer vacation ended.  Apparently, the email that Jenn sent out didn't make it to the recipients and she was making last minute calls on Saturday morning.  As usual, Laura and Leanne were inseparable and we all had a good time.  I don't think I've seen more adorable children in one place.  They were all cute, ranging from 6 months to10 years.  Talaya (10) advanced in her swimming this summer, went surfing for the first time and... I love this... began taking ballet classes.  Talaya already wants toe shoes after only 3 classes.  She also took one yoga class and realizes that it will increase her flexibility.  She's starting 5th grade next month.  Scott is working at ProMicro as a sales rep.  He's not so sure about this job yet.  He doesn't have an inside sales rep to do all the paperwork, so Scott is left doing the whole gambit of the sales tasks.  Anyhow, here are some pictures of the day at the McIntee's:

Laura and Daddy

Laura, Talaya and Leanne

Planet Roy:  Here's what you've been waiting for!  The debut of Gary P. Fitch's new band!  Playing local in H.B.!!  Check it out!

Planet Roy
* Gary Fitch
* Erin Foster
* DJ Jones
* Miguel Zuleta

Wednesday, August 14, 2002 at 9PM
Kozomo's in Huntington Beach
17208 Pacific Coast Hwy. (PCH and Warner)
(714) 582-2200
21 and Over

Friday Family Night:  We decided last minute to do some barbequing of our own at Area 51 last Friday Night.  We grabbed some chicken, hamburger, pork chops and fish and Donald helped me spice it all up.  We took lemons off of the trees to marinate the chicken and fish and used onion soup mix in the hamburgers.  Tom was the Grill Master and everything turned out delicious. Swede, Coleman and Todd joined us as well.  Todd said he wasn't hungry, but when he saw the meat, I caught him chowing down too.  I think the Hoover's and Jackson's planned on seeing movies that night - so we didn't see them this time.  Maybe next week!

Donald Rivadeneyra

In Remembrance:  It's been a tough couple of years since Michael Hefflin left this realm on August 15, 2000.  I still think of my surrogate brother often and know that he is with me always.

Dancing in moonlight, I know you are free
'Cause I can see your star shining down on me

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