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Happy Birthday
Tommy Stanton, Jerry Reynolds 
& Charlotte McClanahan



August 21, 2001

Monday, August 20th was the first day at the new MSC corporate facilities for 30+ former AES employees.  The marketing department took, literally, 4 days to pack.  Andy had the audacity to play basketball the previous weekend and sprained his ankle pretty good.  It was me, myself and I lugging all the trash and material to be recycled down the stairs as the old building didn't have an elevator.  Up until last week, I hardly even minded that fact.  When Steve was not in MSC meetings, he helped by being MacGuyver-esq, tying stacks of material with plastic ribbon and dragging the load down the stairs.  It was good in concept.  In reality, Steve was left with a bunch of material littered all the way down the steps.  I laughed so hard, I could barely walk.  Luckily, there are four (count 'em, four!) elevators in the new nine-story building.  Three out of the four work each day.  One is always receiving "maintenance".  Last week, while I was at MSC for a meeting, we encountered a little earthquake.  Up on the 9th floor, it rocked and really freaked out all the girlies!

Dave Snyder has decided to pick up the torch and host "Obnoxious Party II - a New Level of Debauchery" at Mongo's Crack House!  As Mongo stated: We're still young, so let's start acting like it!  Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 15th @ 8:00pm.  Details coming soon!

Looks like I have been volunteered to represent MSC marketing at the Fall CATIA Operators Exchange (COE) in October.  I've been coordinating this bi-annual trade show for AES for over two years now and have adopted the nickname "COE Ho" which I've changed to "COE Pro".  I actually attended the Spring event this year because it was held locally in Anaheim.  This time, they want to fly me out to Orlando, Florida.  Well, if I have to go across the country to sweat and slave for my company, I'm taking Elana with me!  Her nickname is "Lead Generator".  Heh heh!  Here's a picture of her in action at a past trade show:

How can any engineer resist?!?

For those of you who are looking for something fun to do this week, Nonsense (Ron Villaescusa's band) is appearing on Friday, August 24th @ 8:30 - 12:30pm at J.T. Schmidt's - 2610 E. Katella, Anaheim (across from the Pond) 714 634-9200.  If you can, go and support our friend Ron!


This Week in 2000:
  • The Area 51 jacuzzi is up and running
  • Tom went to see The Art of War for his birthday
  • The Bujinkan seminar was a success
  • Amber gave Godzilla 2000 two thumbs up
  • Obnoxious Party 2000 was upon us


 QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "A fool and his heart are soon stomped on."
- Darren "Skippy" Sealock

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