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Goodbye, August!
Hello, September!


August 28, 2001

Let me just say that being back at a corporate facility is so weird!  It's the same as Ingram Micro - a maze of cubes and absolutely no privacy.  Associates have to be extra considerate in this type of environment.  A neighbor of Andy's actually physically turned down his speakers while he was at lunch because his screensaver made noise.  I'm aware of everything around me because it's all new.  Every time my neighbor, Dan, receives an email, his computer plays the first 6 notes of the Ren & Stimpy Log commercial.  So, approximately every 5 minutes, the whole song plays through my head after hearing those first notes played.  Have I developed a case of Space Madness?  Well, I'm hoping that I will be able to block it out before they send me to the funny farm.  I love Ren & Stimpy, but not every 5 minutes.  Part of my therapy is to type out the lyrics, so here it goes:

What rolls down stairs
Alone or in pairs
Rolls over your neighbors dog
What's great for a snack
And fits on your back
It's Log! Log! Log!
Log!  Log!
It's big. It's heavy. It's wood.
Log!  Log!
It's better than bad. It's good!

~ Somebody pass the Prozac! ~

Last week, I mentioned that I was volunteered to be the Marketing Rep at the upcoming Fall CATIA Operator's Exchange (COE).  What I forgot to tell you was what CATIA stands for.  Not many people know this - even engineers that have been using the software for years.  It was a trick question at the Spring event and most suckers failed miserably because it's a big secret.  CATIA stands for "Computer Aided Three-dimensional Integrated Application".  Engineers from companies such as Boeing, Chrysler and their suppliers use this software to design parts for things such as space shuttles and automobiles.  Recently, a guy by the name of Floyd Rose designed an electric guitar with CATIA.  Some dental labs use CATIA to design dentures.  So you see, the application can be used to design many things.  As you probably already guessed, this upcoming trade show (COE) is pretty happening!  Engineers are the coolest people on earth - a bunch of party animals with great personalities and... oh, jeez.  Who am I kidding?  Do I have to go???  Hey, Mischa!  I'd rather work your trade shows.  Got any "jobs" available up there at VCA?  (no pun intended)

So, I had mentioned last week that Mongo has picked up the tradition of the Obnoxious Party and is restructuring it a bit.  Plans haven't been finalized yet, although it's still going to be on September 15th.  Mongo has asked me to deliver this message:  "If you do not attend this party, you are officially barred from future parties and are damning yourself to a life of Bonanza reruns and TV dinners.  To those of you who have been around a while, this is a tribute to the Alabama Street years.  No whining.  No attitudes.  Just good beer, good booze, good friends and good music."

Saturday was the strangest day.  A wasp invaded Amber's dwelling in the morning hours.  This is not a good thing because she is allergic to stings of this kind.  Luckily, she trapped it between the screen and the window until a member of the Bujinkan came to save the day.  Robert was washing his truck when he was suddenly attacked by bees.  One got caught in a shirt he was swatting at them with and it stung his thumb.  Matt was surfing later that same day and was attacked by a sting ray.  It had caused an open wound on his foot and he had to report it.

I just read in the newspaper that the infamous Doll Hut is closing it's doors.  The Ziggens played there a lot.  I only went there once.  All I can say is, I'm glad I was with a member of the Bujinkan.

By now, you probably know that Aaliyah Haughton was killed in a plane crash in the Bahamas Saturday.  If you're not sure who Aaliyah is, here's a taste:  She was the star of the upcoming film "Queen of the Damned".  She played Akasha.  She was also slated to star in the sequel "The Matrix Reloaded" with Keanu Reeves.  As Steve pointed out, it's pretty ironic that the last film she starred in had an all-too-true title.  Click here for the full story.  Damn those cessnas!



This Week in 2000:
  • Ryan and Sarah Grissom launched their website introducing their new son, Parker!


 QUOTE OF THE WEEK: ""The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of. "
- Blaise Pascal
Submitted by Toni Gallagher

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Submitted by:  Steve Shin

WISDOM OF THE WEEK:  Never seek happiness outside yourself.




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