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Leanne & Jennifer McIntee



November 20, 2001


Parent/Teacher Conference:  Yeah, Laura isn't even in kindergarten, yet Tom and I found ourselves at our first parent/teacher conference last Friday.  I, for one, was so excited to hear what Laura's teachers thought of our little angel.  Picture this:  Four full-grown adults sitting at a little table on little chairs.  I actually bumped my knee on the dinky table as we sat down.  It's hard to look dignified sitting on a chair that is 3 times too small for you.  I'm just thankful I wasn't wearing a skirt.   We met with Ms. Zeny and her assistant Alonzo who couldn't stop praising Laura's ability to amaze him.  They both said she was a "natural born leader" which sounds good until you start thinking, hey, maybe it was just a nice way of saying "she's a bossy little brat".  I was very surprised (and happy) to hear them say, "Nope, she's not shy at all" - because, you see, her parents are totally shy... and we thought it might rub off.  But it didn't!  Laura is progressing very well and has become incredibly well adjusted in school since she started going full-time.  She just has a little problem staying focused in class.  Yeah, but... SHE'S FOUR!!  Would you stay focused if you were surrounded by toys and all your friends?  I think not!  We are very proud of our daughter!

Comin' Home:  After meeting Jim Neighbors and the former Miss America, Todd is ready to come home.  Thinking it would take months to raise the money to do so, he was planning on returning sometime in February.  When Mongo mentioned this to me, I said, "Oh, no.  That won't do.  I want him here for the holidays."  I made a phone call to T-Man and asked him to "make it happen".  T-Man was happily on the job, working with Mongo and Skippy.  Between pooling monies and frequent flier miles, Todd could get on a plane today if he wanted to.  If you would like to contribute to the Bring Todd Home fund, please contact me.  Todd is speaking with his boss this morning and might jump a plane tomorrow - making it here in time for the...

Anti-Thanksgiving Dinner:  I can't tell you how excited I am about having all of you over for dinner Saturday night.  Lou has agreed to make his wonderful turkey and stuffing and it will be traditional California winter weather that night which will enhance our roaring fireplace.  I am so ready for this.  If luck prevails, Todd will be here along with Skippy (flying in that evening), Mongo and Luigi.  Unfortunately, Ruthie and the Jackson's will be on camping trips, but they will be there in spirit.  Still haven't heard from some of you, but I will be giving you a call in the near future to confirm.  See you all soon!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Is It True?:  While I have thwarted (my word of the week) many net hoaxes in my quest for a peaceful virtual experience, I continue to receive occasional emails from family and friends who don't spend enough time on the Urban Legends website.  While some even ask my assistance in obtaining the truth about certain spam, others continue to distribute this unfounded info without the proper research.  Click Here to see the current top 25 most popular topics on the Urban Legends site.  Some of them are down right hysterical.  If you ever have questions about a disturbing email you have received, please do not hesitate to forward it to me for confirmation before blasting it out to your loved ones.

The Garage:  The band, Running Erin (Erin Foster, Gary Fitch, DJ Jones, Miguel Zuleta), is appearing at The Garage, the day after Thanksgiving (Friday, November 23rd, 2001).  Early show... 8pm SHARP, stay after and hang out with
the band!  Go to the website and get a flyer (under SHOWS).  $7 at the door/$5 with flyer.

The Garage
4519 Santa Monica Blvd. (at Virgil)
in Silverlake (near Hollywood)
(310) 662-6802



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