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Bill Loughlin & Dave Snyder



November 27, 2001


Going Back to Cali:  Todd is due to arrive back in Orange County this Wednesday evening, November 28th.  Sure, he didn't make it for the Anti-Thanksgiving Dinner last Saturday, but we'll have him here for Christmas and New Year's!  Come and celebrate Todd's return with us this coming Friday evening, November 30th at Area 51.  Bring a list of reasons (or one really good reason) why Todd needed to move back to California.

Anti-Thanksgiving Leftovers:  It was an evening of "Quote of the Weeks".  I can't even remember exactly what was said, so... I'll have to paraphrase:

"Why is it, no offense Pique, that girls who start taking ballet at the age of 5 turn out... weird?" - Scott McIntee
"I just have a large capacity for alcohol, that's all." - Dave 'Mongo' Snyder
"Get a towel, I'm leaking... in three places!" - Jennifer McIntee
"How did we get back on the lactation topic?" - Pique
"You come up looking like a rabid dog." - Anne Hoover
"It's along the same lines as felching." - Michael Coleman
"I'll just shove a banana down my throat." - Darren "Skippy" Sealock

During the... unusual conversations, Skippy got the hick-ups and Mongo spit up his drink to avoid choking from the laughter.  You had to be there to see the side-splitting hysterics.  We had the Hoovers, the McIntee's, Luigi, Skippy, Mongo, Swede, Lou-Dog and T-Man.  Great food, great friends, great laughs.

Toyota Troubles:  My Camry went into the shop early last week after Tom and I took a trip to Castaic to see our friends Larry and Edith and their new home.  The car began to overheat before we even got on the freeway to head home.  Tom filled up the engine with fluids and that seemed to solve the problem... until anti-freeze started coming out of the vents and fogging up the windows.  It was a stress-filled drive home, wiping the windshield every once in a while, not knowing if it's the window or the fog outside and keeping the windows open to expel the anti-freeze.  That stuff can give you a nasty headache!  It turned out to be the heater core - an $800 part.  When all was said and done, the bill was a whopping $1400.  Ouch.

What?  Again?:  I went in to my dentist for my annual visit (once every 5 years, whether I like it or not) to have a tooth ache taken care of.  After a series of x-rays, my perfectionist dentist found an abscess under a tooth.  The worst part was, it had already  had a root canal back in '96.  The doc sent me back down to the specialist for a consultation.  Guess what?  He has to conduct a second root canal on the same tooth.  And guess what else?  It will only cost me $188!  I'm scheduled for the procedure today (Tuesday).  If my face doesn't work or I have a speech impediment after he's through with me, I'm not comin' in to work.

Who Am I?:  Check out the forum on the "Me" page and give me your impression/opinion of who Pique is.  Your comments will be posted on that page.



"We will not know unless we begin." -Howard Zinn 
Submitted by:  Toni Gallagher

 OF THE WEEK  - Get your gangsta name here.  Mine is 'Drunken Gat Slinga'.
Submitted by:  Toni Gallagher (a.k.a. Tawny Banger)

Live in a way that leaves no regrets.
Submitted by:  Pique




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