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Jim Kirner



December 18, 2001


Skippy's Soiree':  I couldn't be happier.  Never again will Darren torment me with the fact that I have never been to his apartment in Long Beach.  I'm sure he will find something else to torment me about,  but I always have him beat because everyone calls him "Skippy"... because of me.  Ha!  As for the holiday soiree', Skippy had the apartment decorated with a beautiful Christmas tree and icicle lights.  Skippy generously gives Todd credit for the tree decorating.  Mongo donated a Starbucks cup as an ornament for the tree.  We all accused Skip of being gay, but he swears he had a team of limp wrists clean his apartment before the party.  They even made his kleen-x into a flower.  He said, "That's nothing.  You should have seen what they did with the toilet paper."  None of us even dared ask.  The apartment itself was totally cool.  The living room had a view of the bay, as well as the ocean.  He has a one and a half butt kitchen and a nicely sized bedroom.  The walls are covered in wood paneling which gave it a very cozy feeling.  Now I know why he was so excited to move into this place.  It's the perfect place for a Peeping Tom bachelor.  The boat parade was short and sweet, which was good because it was COLD outside.  We had Skippy's infamous spaghetti and Jenn's awesome meatballs for dinner.  Jenn then turned into the cleaning fairy and poof!  The kitchen was shiny and clean.  Skippy was expecting to be scrubbing for the next two days.  Much thanks to both Jenn and Todd!!  It was good times.

Area 51 Christmas Party:  I suppose I should probably give you the details of the next social obligation.  It will take place at Area 51 on Saturday, December 22nd at 6:00pm.  Appetizers and cocktails will be served.  Please join us for some holiday spirit before Santa comes to town.

Cajun Night:  Coleman has tempted me with another Cajun Night in January.  This time, I'm going to hold him to it.  If you don't remember the last one, let me tell you, the food was fabulous!!  Take it from someone who is oh so very picky about what she puts in her mouth.  Okay, don't go there.  I'm trying to keep this PG rated, alright?  Sheesh!  Keep your eyes peeled for the date!  Your taste buds won't want to miss this!

XXXmas Card:  I received a Christmas card from Mischa at VCA Pictures this week.  I have to say, it is the most unique card I have ever received.  It's huge and laminated.  When you open it up, it has a collage of the VCA employees (including Meesh) and it says on top:  "Please buy our product... we need to be able to afford therapy!".  On the bottom:  "Happy Holidays from everyone at VCA Pictures and VCA Interactive!".  This card will proudly be displayed at Area 51's Christmas Party.  Count on Mischa to be classic on Christmas.  Thanks, Lenny!  We love you!

It's Official:  As of December 10, 2001, the divorce is final.  Tom and I can enjoy this Christmas now that the paperwork is done.  This confirmation really doesn't change anything.  It's just one more action item that can be checked off  our "Project Happiness" list in our Franklin Planners.  We gave each other a "high five" and breathed a sigh of relief.  We're good to go!

Cyber Swede:  Lo' and behold!  The Swede-meister is back on line!  He has a brand new email address, so if you want it let me know.  Swede will now be up on current events.  Oh!  By the way, he bought one of those fiber optic trees this year.  No... he's NOT GAY!!!

Post Script:  I updated the "Me" page.  Check it out.



"Do not look back on happiness, or dream of it in the future. You are only sure of today; do not let yourself be cheated out of it."
--Henry Ward Beecher

Submitted by:  Toni

VCA Pictures  - Mischa's place of employment.
Submitted by:  Pique

The person who confesses ignorance shows it once; the person who conceals it shows it many times.
Submitted by:  Pique



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