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Jim Kirner



December 25, 2001


Area 51 Christmas Party Recap:  Swede came and left before the party even got started.  It wasn't until Don and Anne came with their friend Tracy that things ramped up.  Robert, Skippy, Tommy, Todd, Coleman and Lou-Dog were there as well and the pool table was the game of choice that night.  When Skippy taught Tracy not to hop the queue ball off the table each time, we really got going.  I was worried about the felt there for a while.  Skippy thought he was on fire, but every game he won was because someone scratched on the 8 ball.  I think I was the only person that won a game by actually sinking the 8 ball that night.  Anne kept complaining that she couldn't feel her right eye.  She was convinced it wasn't moving.  I don't think I have ever seen her that inebriated.  Anne's friend, Tracy, was a riot too.  With Coleman whipping up the fun girlie drinks, the two of them were feelin' fine.  In usual Area 51 fashion, it was a memorable night.

Laura's 4th Xmas:  This year, Laura finally gets the concept of Christmas.  I could tell by astonishment on her face when she first saw the red Radio Flyer Town & Country wagon that Santa left by the fireplace for her on Christmas morning.  She stood there for a good 30 seconds grinning from ear to ear.  I thought she had stepped in quick-drying glue because I've never seen her so still while conscious.  Grandpa Bill really made Laura smile with a an awesome art kit, complete with water colors, crayons, markers and a number/letter stencil that she absolutely loves.  Laura now has a family of Barbie dolls - a Ken doll and little boy doll named "Tommy".  This child will be happily occupied for months to come.

Hasta 2001 Party:  If you don't feel like going to Vegas to gamble or Colorado to snowboard, come on over to Area 51.  It will be a night of reflection and optimism... oh, and Tripoli so bring your dollars!  Festivities begin at 7:00pm Monday, December 31st.  Noise-makers welcome!



"Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it."  --Julia Child
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 OF THE WEEK  - End of the Internet.
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Do something today to improve someone else's life.
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