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Last Updated:  07/31/03


Grindstone:  Well, so much for my 7-month vacation.  It's back to the salt mines for me!  I accepted an Executive Assistant position yesterday with Moore Stephens Wurth Frazer and Torbet, LLP.  I will be supporting two of the CPA partners at this firm.  Yes, Certified Public Accountants.  The Firm is located in Orange off of the 57 fwy at Chapman - close to the Anaheim stadium.  You can actually see the building from the 57S.  I begin swingin' my pick on Tuesday, August 5th.  The funny story behind this particular offer is that I was 15 minutes late to the interview because I missed the offramp.  I went in thinking I already blew it so I promoted my personality and had fun with the meeting.  I told the two partners that I was a serious person and then busted up laughing and told them I was kidding.  My guess is they were looking for someone to liven up the office (you could have heard a pin drop in the whole place).  Well, if they're looking for some office excitement, they hired the right girl!  I'll have them dancing on their desks in no time.  It will be the only CPA firm with a party attitude.  I'll take this company by storm - they won't know what hit 'em!  Hurricane Pique!

Mama:  If you know my mom, you know that she is a feisty woman of 74.  She has a lot of my grandma in her.  You can't have lunch with my mom without falling out of your chair laughing at least once.  She has that jaded but hysterical view of life that will have your sides splitting.  However, we're still trying to find the humor in the latest news regarding her health.  She was recently diagnosed with extreme blockage in both of her carotid arteries.  The chance of a major stroke is up to 200% and she requires surgery.  The angiogram procedure is scheduled for August 4th (the day before I go back to work).  I'm certain the surgery will follow close behind.  Your prayers are requested and most welcome.  I will keep you all posted.


Upcoming Birthday:  Todd West's birthday is coming up on August 8th.  Let's think of something cool to do for this celebration!!  Send me your ideas!

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