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The Aftermath


September 18, 2001


Your Comments:

"Lets pray for all who lost loved ones and take this as a wonderful opportunity to tell those important in our lives how much we love them..." - Cousin Ron *the village squeezer*

Reaction 1: To quote Scarface, as delivered by Andy Deo, "Say hello to my little friend..."
Reaction 2: "That's pretty sneaky sis(sies)" - dedicated to the old "Connect 4" ads and that wiener who is responsible for this mess.
Reaction 3: Stunned silence. A moment of silence for those who lost loved ones and for all of America, please.
Reaction 4: Oh we go...the safe police state...hmmm....let's lock down this *free* country.
Reaction 5: This non-stop dwelling on all this sh** is killing me.
Reaction 6: When do the biologicals start...
Reaction 7: This is a serious tragedy. Recognizing that, it's also a rallying point where (in the words of Bill Bennett) finally the canons of political correctness might be thrown out the window. Maybe we can all buck up and say we aren't African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, ad nausea. We are ALL Americans. We're in this together.
Reaction 8: Religious zealots of all types make me ill.
Reaction 9: It's probably a good thing that I'm not the President.
Reaction 10: (And this one is for David Letterman and his Top 10 countdown) I sure wish the President would get a new speech writer and some coaching. His delivery sucks.
Bonus Reaction for those Lottery lovers: Could this all be about some f*****g piece of dirt that two squabbling little countries can't agree on?!?!?!
- This is from an anonymous (long-winded) source that has to maintain super secret status <grins>

"The human race is a child. Perhaps someday, when it is a rational adult, humanity will no longer feel the need to do these sort of things to itself." 
- Kevin Harris

"I didn't know what to do, I couldn't go out and cold call and try to sell Canon on a day like this.  All I wanted to do was go grab my kid out of school and head for the mountains.  I picked up my son from daycare and told him to tell all of his friends to tell their parents to meet at the park at 7:30 to light candles talk and pray as a group. People started calling more people and we had a pretty large turn out. I wasn't prepared for the clash of emotions and opinions and a fight almost broke out. Then I just gently grabbed both of their arms and asked them and everyone else for a moment of silence and then we can all take turns praying for all that is needed and hoped for the people on the east coast.  At the end we all sang God Bless America and some of us were crying and hugging..."  
- Ruth Howard

"Yes I am okay.  Still don't know who was in the towers yet.  I am very, very  sad.  I am here and can see the billowing clouds.  Sh**, it's just awful.  Pray and let's raise the vibration on this earth once and for all."  
- Patty Roberts' Aunt Nan in Manhattan

"I feel like I am pregnant!  Nauseous - Moody - Sad - Bitter - Angry - Crying Spells.  I don't think I am pregnant!"
- Jennifer McIntee

"It makes us realize how important it is to treasure ALL the beauty in our lives including our loved ones, friends, family, the fresh air we breathe, the oceans we enjoy, and the list goes on... We have so much so we tend to minimize and take for granted.  Things like our safety and freedom."
- Shaila Mulji

"These bastards and others like them think we're lazy, fat, sloppy, easy-going goofs. That's an unfortunate image that comes of feeling free and easy about the world we live in. They need to be reminded that when you attack Americans, we tend to fight back like a cornered Lion, we will utterly destroy any attacker. All you need to do is look back on our history. We were the first and so far, only country in the world to use nuclear weapons in anger, a horrific idea, nowadays and back then as well. But we used it anyway. Only had two of them in the whole world and we used them anyway. We did it because we had a War to win. Does that tell you something about American Resolve?"
- Louis Valencia

"I don't want my daughter, or yours, or anyone else's to grow up with the racism of people and hate in her heart. But how do you explain to a 5 year old that 'the bad people' did it because they thought that if they killed lots of people and died along with their victims that they would get 72 virgins in Heaven? It doesn't make sense now, and it probably never will. So, I pose to you one last thought (question): Can we make all this go away without hurting too many more people?"
- Toni Gallagher

"It seems completely inadequate to say that I'm relieved and thankful that my family in New York and friends in D.C. are alive and well. I don't know if things will ever be back to "normal" (especially with those two magnificent Towers erased from existence and all the lives they represented lost); I look forward to the day when the bomb threats stop (there were 90 reported in New York on Thursday--thankfully all were hoaxes) and my cousin and her family can fly home for a visit. My thoughts are with those who lost their loved ones. They will never be forgotten."
- Anne Hoover






This Week in 2000:
  • Swede received 2nd degree black belt
  • Anne Hoover resigned from Mission Hospital
  • Lisa Jackson started working for Hotel Information Systems
  • Ron Villaescusa's Band, Nonsense, launched website


Weather Report for Kabul:   Cloudy, windy, 5,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit
Submitted by: Toni

 OF THE WEEK - Extraordinary images of American Embassies around the world after September 11th.
Submitted by:  Annelise Tran

Focus on the positive in your life, for what you focus on increases.
Submitted by:  Pique


"You know.  Itís short.  Donít waste it." - David Frank, Ingram employee at WTC 1 the morning of September 11th
Submitted by:  Taban Thompson




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