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I'm not aware of too many things.
I know what I know if you know what I mean.

                            - Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians


August 11, 2002

In the August 19th issue of People magazine, there was a pop quiz interview with Joy Behar.  You might know Joy from her work on Barbara Walters' show, "The View".  She's the outspoken, intelligent Jewish woman who is very hilarious and quite opinionated.  She is hosting a five-part series on relationships, called "Love, Hate & Joy" August 11th - 15th on the ABC Family Channel.  In this interview, they asked Joy about her views on marriage.  I thought I would post it here, because it parallels my 'view' on the subject currently.

Q:  U.S. Divorce rates are roughly 50 percent.  Is marriage obsolete?
A:  Once the sexual revolution took hold, people really didn't have to buy the cow to get the milk.  And girls today are like the dairy barn.  So guys don't feel the necessity to get married.  And the girls don't either.

Q:  So why do they?
A:  If it wasn't for that damn biological clock, girls would be as reluctant to marry as guys.

Q:  What's the key to making a marriage work?
A:  Besides separate houses?  A housekeeper is number one.  When I was married, we used to have fights over housework all the time.

Q:  What ruins a marriage?
A:  Another woman.  Look at Donald Trump.  Another woman.  Rudy Giuliani?  Another woman.