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Happy Birthday, Noah Cisneros (3)!

Aloha, Todd West!


September 25, 2001


Your Comments:  Thanks so much to all of you who submitted your thoughts on the September 11th tragedy.  If you would like to revisit the page posted last week, please click on the ARCHIVES icon above.  Please feel free to continue submitting thoughts if you would like to share them with the Lair community.

No COE for Pro:  On September 17th, I decided that I would not be attending the CATIA Operators Exchange in Florida next week.  As much as I feel that life must go on and return back to some resemblance of normalcy, I also realize that we are about to engage in warfare.  Not just in Afghanistan, but on our own turf as well.  Until the dust settles, I don't feel comfortable being a million miles away from the ones I love.  I took a week to see how things developed.  I don't feel any safer today than the day the terrorists attacked.

Hawaiian Honeymoon:  The Stone's left for Hawaii on September 10th.  Luckily, they made it back safely and, despite what was happening back on the mainland, they still enjoyed the beauty of Maui.


Swede Smash:  Last Wednesday, Jim "Swede" Swendson participated in a nice little smash-up on PCH trying to make his way home.  While watching two cars ahead of him compete for one lane due to construction, he was forced to stop quickly and was hit from behind by a U-Haul truck who wasn't capable of stopping so abruptly.  Swede watched the two competing cars responsible for this accident drive off into the sunset.  Luckily, Swede was undamaged and the U-Haul driver was very nice.  Unfortunately, the truck caused approximately $6,000 worth of damage to Swede's Saturn.  As a result, he will be carless until the Saturn returns from the body shop.  Thank goodness for insurance!

Aloha Todd:  Well, this is it.  Todd's leaving us next Monday.  Make sure you either hook up with him or take a moment to call him and wish him well in Hawaii.

Article provided by Toni Gallagher:

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 13 -  As we watch our leaders on television, vowing to hunt down and punish these terrorists, many average Americans wish we could join them. We've given blood and donated money, but it's possible to do something that will have a greater impact. This is our opportunity to fight back.

The terrorists want us to be afraid; they want us to stay home, hoarding fuel and food. They want to crush our free and open society by paralyzing us with fear. We can stop them, and so can every other American. Our collective actions have a tremendous effect and will repel this terrorist threat and send a clear message to the world.

1. Keep your money in the stock market; leave your investments where they are. Show your faith in our economy by making a new investment when the market opens. Don't think for a moment that the terrorists didn't have a keen sense of the timing of their actions. As consumers and agents of our economy, we hold its future in our hands.

2. Fill your car's gas tank as you normally would. Don't run to the gas station to fill up your car. Stay with your normal pattern of fueling. If you're a gas station owner, don't give in to price-gouging. If you find yourself and your community victims of price-gouging (at gas stations or grocery stores), bring it to the public's attention.  Report gas-gouging to the local chapter of the American Automobile Association (AAA). You can also contact your state's Attorney General or the U.S. Energy Department Hotline at 1-800-244-3301. These
organizations are aware of this kind of activity. Bring it to the attention of your local newspaper or broadcast outlet. Provide accurate information and shine a bright light on this lack of civic virtue.

3. Buy things - anything, no matter how small. Consider buying a new car, something fuel-efficient to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. If you've had a project or purchase on your mind, now is the time to follow through. Don't put off purchases that you have
planned because of this incident and fear for the economy. These delayed purchases can be self-fulfilling prophecies of a failing economy. Our collective purchases will have a phenomenal impact and help us fight fear-induced volatility of the price of everyday goods and services.

4. Fly the American flag. Fly it from your house. Fly it from your car. Fly it in a position of respect anywhere you can. Stand tall and be American. Our country has been politically divided, especially since the last election. But let us not forget that it is precisely the mechanism of democracy that allows us to be politically divided in a productive fashion. Terrorism attempts to take that productive division and turn it on itself.

5. Withdraw cash from the bank as you usually would. Don't help cause a run on the banks by withdrawing all your money. Our financial systems are strong and resilient. Withdraw cash as you normally do. Terrorists fully intend to scare us into thinking that our systems are vulnerable well beyond the point of impact.

6. Use transportation systems. Make business and travel arrangements as you normally would. Book a flight as quickly as you are able in order to show your confidence in our airlines, the new airport security guidelines, and our public safety system.

7. Conserve energy. This will help to stabilize prices and supplies. Take public transportation, walk, bike, carpool, do whatever you can to avoid driving. Taking public transportation to work once a week will be a tremendous help. Turn off unused lights and appliances at home.

8. Write your state and local representatives and members of Congress to demand more funding for alternative fuel research. Our dependence on foreign oil is a huge vulnerability. If the United States decides to take military action, our oil supplies may be affected. By reducing our dependence on foreign oil, we enable our government to do what is deemed necessary.

9. Help unify this country by engaging your neighbors and community. We need to have one voice to fight terrorism. Everyone must come together in order for our collective actions to defeat this evil. Acts of violence against our own people, regardless of their faith or background, can only be destructive.

10. Get back into your normal pattern of work and living. Do what you can to continue your normal routines.  Embrace the new security guidelines in airports and other public places and don't complain. Support airport security personnel and let them know you're proud of what they are doing. Don't be frozen by shock and fear: that was the terrorists' objective. Fight them by continuing to live normally in our free and open society.

There are many great lessons to be learned from these events: among them is the understanding that we each have the ability to defend our nation. We are each empowered to make decisions that will collectively allow us not only to survive this time of crisis, but to emerge ever-stronger in our response to this unspeakable act of evil.

To quote Winston Churchill, "This could, indeed, be our finest hour."

How to help:
Blood and platelet donors will be needed over the next several weeks to help replenish the nation's supply. Call the Red Cross at 1-800-GIVE-LIFE or America's Blood Centers at 1-888-BLOOD-88 to schedule an appointment. To donate money to the Red Cross for assisting victims of the attacks, call 1-800-HELP-NOW. The United Way of New York and The New York Community Trust have established a fund to help the victims of Tuesday's attacks and their families. Anyone wishing to contribute may call (212) 251-4035. Salvation Army, cash donations: 1-800-SAL-ARMY


Submitted by:  Annelise Tran Submitted by:  Jerry Reynolds


This Week in 2000:
  • Swede received 2nd degree black belt
  • Anne Hoover resigned from Mission Hospital
  • Lisa Jackson started working for Hotel Information Systems
  • Ron Villaescusa's Band, Nonsense, launched website


When asked what is taking so long:  "When I take action I'm not going to fire a $2 million missile at a $10 empty tent and hit a camel in the butt."  -President of the United States, George W. Bush. 
Submitted by:  Toni

 OF THE WEEK - Post Terrorism Advise
Submitted by:  Pique

The pursuit of truth attracts critics.
Submitted by:  Pique


"There is a price to pay, but I sure love being me." - Banzai 
Submitted by:  T-Man




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