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Happy Birthday!

Rana Simpkin & Tom Bickley

October 16, 2001


Heavenly Newsletter:  Jeff "Banzai" Pool distributes a monthly newsletter to his enlightened friends and acquaintances.  Banzai has a great writing style and provides very soulful  information in each edition.  He also has a great website.  If you would like to find out more about the "Heavenly Sword Newsletter" or want to be added to the distribution list, please email Jeff and let him know.

Slitherin' Succotash!:  Brad Johnson's female snake, Not Fluffy, is preggers!  Fluffy and Not Fluffy got busy and soon Brad will be the proud owner of a bunch of baby ball pythons!  I remember when Mickey and Mallory were tiny baby snakes.  You could hold them in the palm of your hand.  Cute little things.  Now they're big enough to wear as a scarf.  Ah, where does the time go?

Birthday Bash:  Yeah, I know... Laura's 4.  I'll have to have a talk with Chronos, Master of Time, and tell him to SLOW DOWN!  My neck hurts from the whiplash.  The theme was the "Wizard of OZ" but Laura refused to be seen in the adorable Dorothy dress.  She's just not one for dressing up.  She had a blast with Leanne, Gwen and Gwen's friend in the giant jumper.  There were more adults than kids, but that didn't seem to bother Laura.  In the jumper, we're all kids.  Big kids.

On the Move:  Christine was bored at her job.  Luckily, the mortgage company that she interviewed for 3 times called up and lured her away.  Now, she works for MoneyLine Lenders in Lake Forest, only 5 minutes away from her hubby's employer (also a mortgage company).  They are also planning on moving to Dana Point around the January timeframe.

LBC Bound:  Another friend has flown the coop.  Darren "Skippy" Sealock rented a wonderful apartment in Belmont Shore (Long Beach).  He has a view of the bay AND the ocean.  Great spot!  I guess this means a room at the Area 51 hotel is vacant.  Any takers?

Fright Night:  If you haven't RSVP'd for the party of the year, you might consider doing so today!  It's so simple, it's spooky.  Go to the Evite if you've received one or email me if you would like to join the list of ghouls and goblins.  The invited ghosts have become 'visible' for you to see who is planning on haunting Area 51 on October 27th.  We're just "dying" to see you!

Is It A Hoax?:  With everyone's heightened sense of alarm recently, I've decided to post the most recent net hoaxes here to help ease the tension.

Net Hoax #1:  Terrorist Attacks at Malls on Halloween?
New "friend of a friend" email rumors claim that terrorist attacks on U.S. shopping malls may be scheduled for October 31, Halloween.

Net Hoax #2:  Rental Trucks Disappear Across U.S.
A new hoax message claims that dozens of rental trucks have been stolen across the U.S. "in the past 24 hours" by possible terrorists.

Net Hoax #3:  Candlelight Vigil to Be Photographed from Space
False - there has been no plan announced by the U.S. government for a nationwide vigil, nor any mention of photographing such an event by satellite.

Net Hoax #4:  The 'Last Photo' from atop the World Trade Center
The photo and accompanying text (circulating in various versions) are fake.


Submitted by:  Steve Shin


  • Laura's first time in snow (Idyllwild)
  • Christine becomes Britney Spears  on Rolling Stone magazine cover
  • Skippy experiences "Salem escapades" and hits a deer in the process
  • Mark Jackson's birthday wish won't come true until Patty eats some pie

Want to read the details and see the pictures?  Click -->HERE<--


""If you have one eye on yesterday, and one eye on tomorrow, then you're going to be cockeyed today." - Anonymous
Submitted by:  Toni Kupfer

 OF THE WEEK  - A most interesting personal website of a fellow Goth girl and her pet Chinchilla.
Submitted by:  Tommy "T-Man" Stanton

The choices we make in thought, word, and deed inevitably return to us in kind.
Submitted by:  Pique




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