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Happy Birthday!

Nicholas Gaudet


Happy Halloween!


October 30, 2001


Dude Magnet:  Cousin Mare finally did it!  She bought the car of her dreams:  a BMW Z-3!  The dude magnet is copper with a tan cover and leather interior.  Her name is GiGi.  Mare is coming to take me to dinner in this fine automobile very soon.  Do you think she'll let me drive it?  ;-)  Makes you nervous, doesn't it, Mare?

Bada Bing!:  Scott McIntee accepted an offer last week and is now, once again, gainfully employed!  Well, that was quick!  He is actually now working for the manufacturer of a product that he used to sell at his old company.  He walked in with a congested pipeline and they practically hired him on the spot.  Good job, Scottie!  On a sad note, his wife Jennifer is also going back to work temporarily.  It will be the first time she will be separated for an extended period of time from her daughter, Leanne May.  Stiff upper lip, Jenn.  You can do it!

Fright Night:  HA Ha hA ha HA Ha hA ha HAAA!!  What an awesome party!  Over 20 people showed up (including guests of guests) and the costumes were amazing!  Coleman worked the Evil (like the fruits of the devil) Laboratory and added dry ice to all the creations.  Luigi provided delicious hot appetizers and home made guacamole for all the ghouls and goblins.  He was dressed as a doctor and made business cards that said, "Specializing in boobs, butts and gynecology.  Trust me.  I'm a doctor."  I made sure there was non-stop music to conjure up the spirits and make them dance on the pool table.  The fog machine kicked into high gear and filled the entire back yard with eerie mist.  Jason hid behind a mask under a tree with a machete next to the graveyard.  We made Banzai make a run to the store and had Maya take pictures.  Can't wait for those to come back for posting!  We had the cow brains again this year, but they stunk so bad we ended up throwing them out.  Friendships were born and good times were had by all that night.  Here's who had the guts to show up (and I know they're glad they did):

Patty "Pique" Stanton (Temptress)
Tommy "T-Man" Stanton (Vampire)
Debbie Berryhill (Vegas Showgirl)
Jim "Swede" Swendson (Pirate)
Darren "Skippy" Sealock (Ghoul)
Dennis & Christine Stone (Japanese Couple)
Don & Anne Hoover (South Park Characters)
Louis "Lou-Dog" Villaescusa (Lumber Jack)
Jeff "Banzai" Pool & Maya (Glam Girl & Pirate Wench)
Scott & Jenn McIntee (Country Singer & Biker Babe)
Louis "Luigi" Valencia (Doctor)
Dave "Mongo" Snyder (Monk)
Michael Coleman (Mad Scientist)
Amber Logsdon (Anthrax)
Charlotte Deardorf (Police Dispatcher)
Kevin "Jarhead Kev" Harris (Caesar Caligula)
Ruth Howard (Witch)

Here are a few pics from Christine.  I'll post more as they get developed!


Christine & Dennis Stone

Costume Winners:  Banzai & Debbie Halloween Banquet



"Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny." -Frank Outlaw
Submitted by:  Jerry Reynolds

 OF THE WEEK - A site with some really incredible pictures from September 11th.
Submitted by:  Jerry Reynolds

Remove the internal, emotional hooks that attract you to painful situations.
Submitted by:  Pique




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