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Happy Birthday!

Mark Jackson & Dennis Rootes



November 6, 2001


Thank You:  I wanted to take a moment to thank the people that helped out behind the scenes of Area 51's production of Fright Night.  It takes a team of dedicated and talented people to put on a party of such magnatude.  Special thanks goes out to Swede, Skippy, Lou-Dog, Debbie and T-Man for assisting with the decor and lighting; Coleman for mixing the drinks and to Luigi for making the delicious appetizers.  Without these people, Area 51 would not have been transformed into the haunting and memorable house it became.  You guys are the best!

Sold Her Soul:  Anne Hoover began working for Disney on Sunday.  She is collecting email addresses in the concourse area of The Pond periodically.  I said it sounded like a cool part-time job that works well with her academic schedule.  Anne said, "Yes, but it's Disney!", and then burst into tears.  There, there, Anne.  Most of the people I know worked for Disney at one time or another and the brain damage is barely noticeable.  By the way, I now know Anne's birthday is October 1st.  We won't be missing that again.

Pennies From Heaven:  Last Friday morning, T-Man decided to tackle his C12 priority in his Franklin Planner:  Take saved change to the Coin Star.  He was thinking we probably saved nearly $100 in change.  As the story goes, Tom went to the Pavilions on Beach and started dumping in the coins.  When the meter read $150, he had a group of people around him watching to see just how much change he had.  Tom just kept pouring and pouring, amazed that he had already exceeded his expectations and there was still 3/4 of change left.  The grand total came out to $427.14!  The Coin Star spit out a receipt, the people applauded and the manager of the store had to open the safe to fill the order.  It was like winning at the slots in Vegas!

1st Theatre Experience:  Laura saw her first movie at a theatre last Sunday!  We went to see Monsters, Inc. at the Charter Center in Huntington Beach.  The movie was hysterical!  I highly recommend it!  Laura was not sure she wanted to be there when we walked into the theatre and saw a crowd of people in the seats.  It was a full-house, even though it was a 11:30am matinee and it was raining outside.  Once we got to our seats right up front, she seemed more at ease.  Laura settled in her own seat and was mesmerized for the first hour of the movie.  Then she came and sat on my lap for the remaining 30 minutes.  I was so surprised that she sat still for so long.  I guess she was happy with the popcorn, M&M's and root beer in addition to the movie.  Laura had a great time.

Noah Cisneros - 3 years old



"For it is not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart.  It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul." - Judy Garland
Submitted by:  Toni Gallagher

 OF THE WEEK - Where I work!
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Never let life's hardships disturb you.  After all, no one can avoid problems, not even saints or sages. - Nichiren
Submitted by:  Pique




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